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The high-tech way of sanitizing surfaces and objects

Hard-to-reach surfaces accumulate dust and bacteria, increasing the risk of disease transmission and dirt build-up. Electrostatic fogging can be sure to sanitize every surface to prevent the transmission of diseases.

A fogging machine’s droplets are electrostatically charged during the process of fogging. In terms of speed and efficacy, it’s one of the best. It uses a piece of cordless handheld equipment to apply chemicals to surfaces without the need for a person to contact them. Molecular chemistry is used to spread disinfectants evenly, to cover surfaces in all directions, to limit contamination risks, to prevent disinfectant drip, to disrupt mold or bacterial outbreak colonies, and to do all of this while also disrupting the growth of mold or bacteria.

The electrostatic disinfection procedure is more cost-effective than the traditional ones since it takes less time to reach the target disinfection level and greatly reduces cleaning costs. Conventional spraying methods require a lot of chemicals, whereas an electrostatic fogger uses less and spreads more quickly and evenly.

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