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Ensuring pristine outcomes

Handing over the keys to a new or renovated facility is the ultimate goal for any construction contractor. However, the labor of a construction company isn’t done until the project is finished. Before the official handover of the key, a few more tasks still need to be completed. Post-construction cleaning is one of these additional tasks, and it entails cleaning the entire building from top to bottom.

A building contractor may do a general cleaning of debris, but detailed cleaning is no longer part of their responsibilities. This type of cleaning best relies upon commercial cleaning services providers like us here at DFW GLOW COMMERCIAL CLEANERS LLC. We have a team of experienced cleaners who render their complete attention to getting the job done perfectly and on time.

The following are a few cleaning tasks that must our team fulfill:

  • Clearing of stains, smudges, or blemishes on the walls
  • Using high-pressure water to wash and clean windows and their frames.
  • Window and door de-plasticization: removing plastic and sticker decals
  • Dusting ceilings, lighting, fans, and heaters, both wet and dry
  • Cleaning floors from debris and polishing them
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Trim and threshold cleaning
  • Meticulous cleaning of all appliances, cabinets, and shelves
  • Proper disposal of debris and other garbage
  • Addressing any safety issues to the construction contractors

Once the cleaning has been completed, our cleaners will conduct one final, thorough inspection of every inch of available space, including crevices and inner surfaces.

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